About Los Gordito's

My wife Marissa and I are from Arizona, where we met in high school. Truth be told, I had the biggest crush on her for several years, but it took me until after we graduated to win her heart. Work brought us to the Charleston area six years ago, and we now consider it home. But even though you settle happily in one area, there are always those things from your past that remind you of your childhood and your first "home." For us, that was Sonoran Mexican food.


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Bringing the Southwest to the South

We opened “Los Gordito's” so we don’t need to travel far to eat a meal that gives us comfort, excites our senses, and warms our hearts. Our wish is to meld our childhood homes with our new family home. We hope that you will enjoy a piece of our past and that it will become a part of your future, where you can enjoy it as much as we do! Dig in! - Justin

Crafted Margaritas and Daily Specials

We offer daily specials on our made from scratch margaritas, Cervezas, and out of this world specialty sangria. You can pick your poison seven days a week.

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